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The self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.
Dr. Thomas Szasz

Stella Antreou Clinical Psychologist

In this time and age, there are many factors that can affect our mental equilibrium and well-being. These factors, either internal or external, if not treated may disrupt the balance and bring about a form of crisis. These situations are accompanied by unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, pain, anguish and uncertainty.

At the same time, this crisis can be a call for change and evolution. A signal for a transition period where the old one is no longer effective and where we need to create something new. What needs to be changed or evolve is always defined in subjective terms.

Psychotherapy is a process of dialogue through which anyone can explore the significance of the crisis and seek out new meanings for change and growth.

My Name Is Stella Andreou. I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and my Office is located in Nicosia. If you need help on facing an issue, I will be happy to speak with you.